SMA Young Investigator AwardTitle SMAYoung Investigator Award 2022

1    Tsz Ho Kwok, 2022 SMA Young Investigator Award Recipient

Dr. Tsz Ho Kwok is a Concordia University Research Chair (Tier II) and an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. His research interests include additive manufacturing, generative design, mass customization, and machine learning. He has developed several computational algorithms and representations to model custom shapes, internal scaffolds, and digital material. The results led to two software – LDMI and DesignForFab – and have been applied by medical doctors and dentists in computer-aided surgery and bone generation. He is committed to develop geometric algorithms to solve complex optimization problems. For example, he has applied principal-stress-line to convert the conventional topology optimization into a line design problem, and he has developed the geometry-driven finite element for the design and simulation of 4D-printing and soft robots. Dr. Kwok’s research is well-known through his 15 invited talks/seminars, 5 developed publicly available software, and 10 interviews/news. Dr. Kwok has an excellent track record in solid modeling. The contribution of his research in this area is disseminated in more than 70 publications and cited more than 1160 times. Dr. Kwok has received several awards including the CSME I.W. Smith Award (2022), the ASME CIE Young Engineer Award (2021), and the SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award (2021). He is selected as the Top World 2% Scientists (2021) by Elsevier BV and Stanford University, and the 20 Most Influential Academics in Smart Manufacturing (2021) by the Smart Manufacturing magazine. He serves as an Associate Editor in the ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering (JCISE) and the Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (TCSME), and an Executive Committee Member of the ASME Computer-Aided Product and Process Development (CAPPD) technical committee.

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