Bézier AwardTitle SMAChristoph M. Hoffmann

bezier-award-pic-2011Christoph M. Hoffmann, the 2011 Pierre Bézier Award Recipient

Christoph Hoffmann began research in geometric modeling and application on occasion of working with John Hopcroft during a 2-year visit to Cornell. Since then, he has published numerous papers and a monograph in the field.

A proponent of rigorous semantics, he articulated the robustness problem hindering shape computations and worked out procedural semantics for form features in CAD systems, through a neutral representation. This work also included addressing the persistent naming problem and geometric constraint solving.

With a team of colleagues at Purdue, he created the 9/11 simulations that got him on the mailing list of agitated truthers. His involvement with the Solid Modeling conference series dates to its inception in 1991.

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