SMA Young Investigator AwardTitle SMASMA Young Investigator Award 2020

1    Xin Li, 2020 SMA Young Investigator Award Recipient

Xin Li is an Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at Louisiana State University, USA. His research interest is on geometric processing and modeling, especially, matching and parameterization of geometric and visual data, and their applications in data registration, fusion, and reconstruction. His research contributions include inter-surface/inter-volume mapping and correspondence, polycube parameterization and polycube splines, decomposition and meshing of complex/large geometries, and heterogeneous (cross-modality) data integration. He also made solid contributions to applications of geometric computing in computational forensics and robotic vision. He developed several effective geometric solvers to solve the problems of restoration of geometric/image/text fragments, facial reconstruction from skeletal remains, 3D reconstruction from sparse image datasets, and SLAM for low-bandwidth robotic navigation. Xin has actively served for the SPM community for multiple years, and he served as a technical program co-chair for SPM 2019 and 2020.

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