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In 2019, the Solid Modeling Association (SMA) has introduced the title of SMA Fellow to recognize individuals with a distinguished record of research, accomplishment, and publication in areas of Solid Modeling and demonstrated support of the SMA through membership and participation in the Association, its meetings and activities. All recipients shall be members in good standing of the SMA.

The list of current SMA Fellows is available at:

2023 SMA FELLOW STATUS: Nominations are due TBD

Nomination Form and Timeline:

To nominate a candidate for the distinction of SMA Fellow, please fill in the nomination form (provided below) and change the file name for the completed form using the nominee name (e.g., “Fellow_nomination_John_Smith.pdf”) and send it by e-mail to the SMA Executive and Awards Committee Chairs. For the e-mail subject line, please use “SMA Fellow Nomination”. The e-mail should be sent from the e-mail account of the nominator.

Please send your nominations or questions for SMA Fellows in 2023 to Ying He ( 

Every nominator can only nominate one candidate for each award. Self-nomination is not accepted. The current SMA EC members are not eligible for nominating or being nominated any SMA awards.

Each year, the nomination deadline and the emails of the chair of the SMA Award Committee will be announced via email to SMA members and will be posted on the SMA website.

Selection Process and Announcement:

Each year, the nominees will be selected from all the submitted applications via a vote of the SMA Fellow Award Committee. The chair of that committee will be appointed each year by the Chair of the SMA Executive Committee. The members of the committee will be appointed jointly by the Chairs of the SMA Executive and Awards Committees. The details of the nomination and voting process are left to the discretion of the Chair(s) of the Awards Committee. Each year, the list of people who received the SMA Fellow distinction will be announced at the SPM conference and will be posted on the SMA website, along with the suggested text for the announcement, the short bio, and the photo of each Fellow.

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