ACM Solid and Physical Modeling Symposium 2006


Cardiff University, Wales, UK          6-8th June 2006

Conference Programme

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A map showing the Cardiff University Cathays Park campus and Cardiff city centre is available here.

Conference sessions will be held in the Large Shandon Lecture Theatre in the Main Building of Cardiff University (39 on map) in Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT, UK with refreshment breaks and lunches in the adjacent Viriamu Jones Gallery.

The Conference Dinner (optional extra) will be held in the Committee Rooms, Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff CF10 3WT (49 on map) .

6th June 7th June 8th June




08.30 Registration 08.30 Registration
Session 1: Shape Segmentation
Chair: S.-M. Hu
Session 4: Geometric Representations and Applications
Chair: B. Levy
Session 6: Constraints and Distance Computations
Chair: M. Ristic
09.00 Segmenting Reliefs on Triangle Meshes
S. Liu, R. R. Martin, F. C. Langbein, P. L. Rosin
09.00 Computing Surface Hyperbolic Structure and Real Projective Structure
M. Jin, F. Luo, X. Gu
09.00 Generalized Penetration Depth Computation
L. Zhang, Y. J. Kim, G. Varadhan, D. Manocha
09.35 Feature Sensitive Mesh Segmentation
Y.-K. Lai, Q.-Y. Zhou, S.-M. Hu, R. R. Martin
09.35 Automated Dimensional Reduction for the Finite Element Modelling of Sketch based CAD Components
T.T. Robinson, C.G. Armstrong, G. McSparron, H. Ou, R.M. McKeag
09.35 Geometric Constraint Solving: Some Tracks
D. Michelucci, S. Foufou
10.10 Planar and Cylindrical Feature Identification of a Shape via Unstable Manifold of Distance Function
S. Goswami, T. K. Dey, C. L. Bajaj
10.10 Holoimages
X. Gu, S. Zhang, L. Zhang, P. Huang, R. R. Martin, S.-T. Yau
10.10 A Higher Dimensional Formulation for Robust and Interactive Distance Queries
J.-K. Seong, D. E. Johnson, E. Cohen
10.45 Coffee 10.45 Coffee 10.45 Coffee
Session 2: Topological Modeling
Chair: L. Kobbelt
Session 5: Drawing and Modeling Shapes
Chair: G. Elber
Session 7: Geometric Modeling
Chair: X. Gu
11.15 Algorithms for Enforcing Continuity in Constructive Topological Representations
S. Raghothama
11.15 Interactive Spline-Driven Deformation for Free-Form Surface Styling
L. Han, R. de Amicis, G. Conti
11.15 Duplicate-Skins for Compatible Mesh Modelling
Y. Wang, C. L. Wang, M. F. Yuen
11.50 Controlled-Topology Filtering
Y. Gingold, D. Zorin
11.50 Pen-based Styling Design of 3D Geometry Using Concept Sketches and Template Models
L. B. Kara, C. D'Eramo, K. Shimada
11.50 Simultaneous Shape Decomposition and Skeletonization Using Approximate Convex Decomposition
J.-M. Lien, N. M. Amato
12.25 Solving Topological Constraints for Declarative Families of Objects
H. A. van der Meiden, W. F. Bronsvoort
12.25 Constructing Smooth Branching Surfaces from Cross Sections
N.C. Gabrielides, A.I. Ginnis, P.D. Kaklis
12.25 Experience in the Exchange of Procedural Shape Models using ISO 10303 (STEP)
M. J. Pratt, J.-H. Kim
13.00 Lunch 13.00 Lunch 13.00 Lunch
Invited talk
Chair: S.-M. Hu
Invited talk
Chair: R. Martin
Invited talk
Chair: L. Kobbelt
14.30 Geometric and Physical Modelling in Medical Image Processing: Examples and Applications
J. Weese

Parameterization of Mesh Models: Theory and Applications
B. Levy


Design For Manufacturing: Feedback At Interactive Rates
S. McMains

15.30 Tea 15.30 Tea 15.30 Tea
Session 3: Simulation Techniques
Chair: C. Bajaj
Panel 1 Panel 2
15.50 Real-time Haptic Incision Simulation Using FEM-based Discontinuous Free-Form Deformation
G. Sela, J. Subag, A. J. Lindblad, D. Albocher, S. Schein, G. Elber, G. Turkiyya
Physically-Based Modeling
Leader: K. Shimada
Other participants: D. James, B. Kara
Design and Manufacturing
Leader: S. McMains
Other participants: K. Ramani, K. Saitou
16.25 Conformal Virtual Colon Flattening
W. Hong, X. Gu, F. Qiu, M. Jin, A. Kaufman
Interactive Simulation of One-dimensional Flexible Parts
M. Grégoire, E. Schömer
19.00 Conference Dinner, Prize-giving