SPM2017: Replicability Stamp

At SPM2017, the following two papers receive Replicability Stamp.

Title: Improved Shape for Refinable Surfaces with Singularly Parameterized Irregularities
Authors: Kestutis Karciauskas and Jörg E. Peters

Title: Disjoint Convex Shell and its Applications in Mesh Unfolding
Authors: Yun-Hyeong Kim, Zhonghua Xi, and Jyh-Ming Lien


Replicability Stamp was introduced since SPM2016, as an additional recognition for authors who are willing to go one step further, and in addition to publishing the paper, provide a complete open-source implementation. Two SPM papers have previously received this recognition in 2016.

Title: Modeling and Analysis of Origami Structures with Smooth Folds
Authors: Edwin A. Peraza Hernandez, Darren J. Hartl, Ergun Akleman, Dimitris C. Lagoudas

Title: A Closed-Form Formulation of HRBF-Based Surface Reconstruction by Approximate Solution
Authors: Shengjun Liu, Charlie C.L. Wang, Guido Brunnett, Jun Wang

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