Announcement: New SMA Award Categories!

In 2019, the Solid Modeling Association (SMA) has introduced two new award categories (in addition to the existing Bézier Award and SMA Pioneer):

The title of SMA Fellow is introduced to recognize individuals with a distinguished record of research, accomplishment and publication in areas of Solid Modeling and demonstrated support of the SMA through membership and participation in the Association, its meetings and activities. All recipients shall be members in good standing of SMA.

The title of SMA Young Investigator Award is introduced to recognize outstanding accomplishments, particularly outstanding published papers in the area of Solid Modeling, by researchers of 40 years or younger. Eligibility requires that the nominee not turn 41 in the year the award is presented.

For more information about nomination procedures, nomination forms, and deadlines visit SMA Fellow and SMA Young Investigator Award webpages.

SMA Executive Committee

February 2019

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