Call for nominations for the Pierre Bézier award 2017

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With the approval of the family of the late Pierre Bézier, the Solid Modeling Association established in 2007 the Pierre Bézier Award for contributions in Solid, Geometric and Physical Modeling and for their Applications. Pierre Bézier was one of the founders of these fields.  Beginning with his work on representing curves, and continuing through his work on one of the first CAD/CAM systems at Renault (UNISURF), Pierre Bézier led the transformation of design and manufacturing, through mathematics and computing tools, into computer aided design and three dimensional modeling.  He made contributions to computer control, interactive free-form curve and surface design and 3D milling for manufacturing clay models and masters.  Bézier's approach to research exemplifies how the problems from the real world can drive scientific inquiry and lead to engineering accomplishments. Solid, geometric and physical modeling have matured and have come a long way since the 1950s, resulting in a rich set of theories, mathematics and algorithms that define and manipulate representations of physical objects, their properties, and their associated abstractions.  These representations are intimately tied to processes (such as simulation, design, manufacturing, and analysis) and application domains (automotive, aerospace, bio-medical, graphic arts, etc).  These representations support the creation, exchange, simulation, visualization, animation, interrogation, and annotation of the digital models of the objects and their evolution.


Previous recipients  ( ):

2007: Aristides Requicha and Herbert Voelcker

2008: Ian Braid, Alan Grayer and Charles Lang

2009: Richard Riesenfeld and Elaine Cohen

2010: Malcolm Sabin

2011: Christoph  Hoffmann

2012: Paul de Faget de Casteljau

2013: Thomas Sederberg

2014: Jarek Rossignac

2015: Vadim Shapiro

2016: Nick Patrikalakis


Nomination Process and Timeline:

The Pierre Bézier Award is the most prestigious award of the Solid Modeling Association.  The award may be given to an individual or group of individuals nominated for contributions of a technical and leadership nature made to solid, geometric or physical modeling and applications. The contributions should be of lasting and major technical importance.  The Pierre Bézier Award is modeled after the Association of Computing Machinery's A.M. Turing Award, which also may be given to a single person for their lifetime achievements; or to a group of people for their particular result or accomplishments.


Individuals or teams can be nominated. All nominations received in 2017 and top nominations retained from previous years (upon recommendation from previous years committees) will be rigorously reviewed by the 2017 Pierre Bézier Award jury.  The 2017 individual awardee or team will be chosen by the Pierre Bézier Award Committee based on the strength of the nomination dossier and possibly the inputs of the external referees that the committee may contact.  Joint nominations, submitted jointly by several nominators of international stature, are encouraged.


Nominations should be prepared using the Pierre Bézier Award nomination form (inserted below as plain text and also available in other formats from the SMA web site at <  >) and submitted (as a PDF file with the nominee(s)’s last name(s) as file name) by email to Jarek Rossignac (Chair of the SMA) at with a subject line of “Bézier Award Nomination 2017”. Email submissions should be send from the email of one of the nominators. All other nominators should be cc’ed. All nominator should receive an acknowledgement from the Chair of the SMA within 72 hours of the nomination.


Nomination Deadline: February 15, 2017, 24:00 GMT

Announcement to the Recipient: March 15, 2017 

Presentation: The Pierre Bézier Award and the acceptance lecture will be presented at the 2017 SPM Symposium, June 19-21, 2017, in Berkeley, California.

2017 Pierre Bézier Award Jury: Members to be confirmed


Questions: may be addressed to Jarek Rossignac, Chair of the Solid Modeling Association, at