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A Tour to Jerusalem
On Saturday, Septmber 4th, The Dan Hotels, for those who stay in Dan Carmel or Dan Panorama, will offer a day tour (leaving at around 9:00, back in Haifa at ~18:00) to Jerusalem for $39 per person (excluding meals). The tour will commence, pending number of registrations. Those who so wish could stay in jerusalem in the end of the tour. Please Email us at (message title "SPM Jerusalem tour") if you are interested in joining the tour, with the names of all expected participants, and the Hotel you will be staying in ("Dan Carmel" or "Dan Panorama"). We will confirm your reservation on a returning Email.
Free Tour to Old Acre / Rosh Anikra
On Tuesday, August 31st, we are offering a free tour to Old Acre (See also below) and the Grottoes of Rosh Hanikra. The tour will be ~4-6 hours and will leave from the Dan Carmel Hotel at around 9:00 AM. Please Email us at (message title "SPM free tour") if you are interested in joining the tour and provide names of all expected participants. We will confirm your participation on a returning Email. The tour excludes meals.

We will leave from Dan Carmel hotel at 9:00 so please be at the lobby of Dan Carmel hotel a few minutes prior to that time.
Additional Tourist Agencies
You can also try and privately reserve tour(s) in Israel at:

G.U.Y Tours, guy-t@inter.net.il

Tour Mile, baida@tour-mile.com

Dudu Katzin, dudukatzin@gmail.com
Hotel Reservation
Login at http://www.danreservations.com and use:

Agent no: 235334

Agent code: Technions

Password: t0110

Display name: SPM 2010 (Note the space between SPM and 2010)

The following hotels are available through this website:

Conference hotel:

1. Dan Carmel Haifa

Nearby hotels:

2. Dan Panorama Haifa (midrange, ~5 minutes easy walk from the conference hotel)
3. Dan Gardens Haifa (inexpensive, ~10 minutes easy walk from the conference hotel)

The rooms are reserved until the 29th of July only and will be allocated on a first-come first-get basis until then. After that date, reservations will be based on availability.
Conference Venue
The conference will be held on the Dan Carmel Hotel, located in Haifa, Israel. Haifa, Israel's third largest city and northern capital, is situated in a broad natural bay between the Mediterranean Sea and the Carmel mountain range. The city's terraced landscape offers a rich variety of breathtaking panoramas. Haifa’s new Bahai Gardens are considered one of the wonders of the world.

Haifa is an excellent starting point for visiting tourist attractions such as Nazareth (40km), Sea of Galilee (60km), Caesarea (40km) and Jerusalem (150km). Tel-Aviv is only 95km away. For more information, visit the Israeli Ministry of Tourism website.

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Transport To / From The Airport
Ben Gurion Airport is Israel's major international airport. The airport is not actually in Tel-Aviv, but rather on the outskirts of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.
There is very good direct train service between “Ben Gurion Airport” and “Haifa, Hof HaKarmel” with trains almost every hour all night long.

Note: The hotel district is a short taxi ride from the “Hof HaKarmel” train station that costs around 50 NIS (New Israeli Shekels). Trains and buses do not run between Friday afternoon and Saturday after sundown. If you have a Saturday flight, please refer to the taxi options.
Special "shared shuttle taxis" wait at the airport to fill up (~ 8 people) and then take the passengers to their addresses in Haifa. The disadvantage of these taxis is that they wait to fill up, but a big group will fill one up right away. These cost around 60 NIS (New Israeli Shekels) per person and can be ordered for trips between Haifa and the airport as well.

You can also reserve a special Taxi ahead of time from Ben Gurion Airport to the Hotel with Doron Friedman,
. Cost will be 340 NIS for each direction.
Rental Cars
Many major car rental companies have offices inside the airport terminal. You can make your arrangements when you arrive at the airport. Please obtain a map and directions from your rental car company.

Rent a car in Israel

Ben Gurion > Passenger Information > Transportation to and from the Airport > Car Rental
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