SPM06 will take place at the Cardiff University, Wales, UK on June 6-8, 2006

2005 ACM Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling (SPM)

Monday June 13 - Wednesday June 15, 2005 MITRoom 34-101,  50 Vassar Street,  Cambridge, MA, USA

Sponsored by the ACM
Immediately followed by the 2005 IEEE Shape Modeling International (SMI) Conference
Both events are part of the 2005 International Convention on Shapes and Solids

SPM05 Technical Program

Keynote Speakers

James O'Brien (UC Berkeley), Abstract
Bruce Randall Donald (Dartmouth), Abstract

Three tracks with invited speakers

Biomedical Modeling Physical Modeling and Simulation Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing
Chair: Dimitris Metaxas (Rutgers) ,  Terry Yoo (NIH), abstract

Leon Axel (NYU), abstract  ,   Jim Duncan (Yale), abstract

 Ron Kikinis and  Simon Warfield (Harvard), abstract

Chair: Michael Wang (CUHK) abstract
Chair: Jan Vandenbrade (Boeing), abstract

      Susan Finger (CMU)             Don Vossler (UGS), abstract

Satyandra K. Gupta (Maryland), abstract
Since its inception in 1991, the ACM Symposium on Solid Modeling and Applications has been the primary venue for disseminating research results in the design, representation, analysis, visualization, and use of digital models of real or planned solid objects and of their bounding surfaces. This initial period was primarily focused on the theoretical and algorithmic tools that produce and exploit unambiguous representations of the geometry of such objects. We continue to seek research contributions that strive to advance the domain, accuracy, and effectiveness of such representations and algorithms. At the same time, modeling solids entails not only modeling their geometric shape, but also their physical properties and behaviors. To emphasize this broader mission, we have expanded the name of the Symposium to Solid and Physical Modeling (abbreviated SPM). To meet these goals, we encourage submissions dealing with the analysis, simulation, modeling, and animation of the behavior of objects and their properties as functions of space and time, possibly in response to interactions with a human user or the environment.
Finally, as the field of Solid Modeling is maturing, we wish to promote its impact on important application areas. To this effect, in addition to a general track, we have created special tracks on: Each track will offer a panel with domain experts to explore cross-disciplinary research opportunities and one or two sessions of reviewed papers.

SPM will be run in plenary sessions (no parallel tracks) from Monday June 13 to Wednesday June 15, 2005. SPM will be followed by the Shape Modeling International (SMI) conference, which will start on Wednesday June 15 with a shared day with SPM and will last until Friday June 17.
Both SPM and SMI events are part of the 2005 International Convention on Shapes and Solids (ICSS'05), which will be hosted at MIT and chaired by Prof. Nick Patrikalakis. The 2004 Joint Convention on Shapes and Solids took place in Genoa, Italy.

All papers will be refereed. The proceedings of SPM will be published by the ACM. Selected papers will be published in special issues of:

Best Paper Awards

Sponsored by the UGS Corporation
  1. First place: Iddo Hanniel, M. Ramanathan, Gershon Elber, Myung Soo Kim: "Voronoi region extract of free-form rational planar closed curves"
  2. Second place: Friedrich Eisenbrand, Stefan Funke, Andreas Karrenbauer, Joachim Reichel, Elmar Sch�mer: "Packing a Trunk -- now even with a Twist!"

Details on the previous Solid Modeling Symposia may be found from the web page of the Solid Modeling Association (SMA).

The team of SPM Conference Chairs

Ralph Martin (Cardiff)
SPM General Chair
Jarek Rossignac (GaTech)
SPM General Chair
Leif Kobbelt (Aachen)
SPM Program Chair
 Vadim Shapiro (Wisconsin)
SPM Program Chair
 Nick Patrikalakis (MIT)
SPM Fiancial Chair
ICSS'05 General Chair

Program Committee

George Allen,    UGS
Cecil Armstrong,  QU Belfast
Leon Axel,    NYU
Nicholas Ayache,   INRIS
Hujun Bao,    Zhejiang Univ
Fausto Bernardini,    IBM
Jean-Daniel Boissonnat,    INRIA
Mario Botsch,    RWTH
Wim Bronsvoort,    Delft
Beat Brüderlin,    TU Ilmenau
Pere Brunet,    UPC
Frederic Cazals,    INRIA
Paolo Cignioni, CNR
Danny Cohen-Or,    Tel Aviv
Jonathan Corney,    Edinburgh
Stephane Cotin,    Harvard
Leila De Floriani,   Genova, Maryland
Jaydev Desai,  Drexel
Tamal Dey,    Ohio State
Gershon  Elber,    Technion
David Gossard,  MIT
Craig Gotsman,    Technion
Thomas  Grandine,    Boeing
Leo Guibas,   Stanford U
Satyandra K. Gupta,    Maryland

Chris  Hoffmann,    Purdue
Hugues Hoppe,    Microsoft
Imre Horvath,    Delft
Shimin Hu,    Tsinghua Univ
Ken Joy,    UC-Davis
Bert Jüttler, Johannes Kepler U.
George Karniadakis,    Brown
Myung-Soo Kim,    Seoul
Kunwoo Lee,    Seoul
Bruno Levy,    INRIA
André  Lieutier,    Dassault
Alan  Liu,    MD
Dinesh  Manocha,    UNC
Joe Mitchell,    Stony Brook
James O’Brien,    Berkeley
Nikos Paragios,   ENPC
Valerio Pascucci,    LLNL
Helmut  Pottmann,    TU Vienna
Enrico Puppo,    Genova
Hong Qin,    Stony Brook
Ari Rappoport,    Hebrew U
Bill Regli,    Drexel
Rich Riesenfeld,    U. Utah
Malcolm Sabin,    Cambridge
Nickolas Sapidis,    Aegean U
Alla Sheffer,    UBC
Kenji Shimada, CMU
Jack Snoeyink,    UNC
Michela Spagnuolo,    CNR
Neil Stewart,    Montreal
Kokichi Sugihara, U. Tokyo
Hiromasa Suzuki,    Tokyo Univ
Seth Teller,    MIT
Greg Turk,    Georgia Tech
Tamas Varady,   Geomagic

Luiz  Velho,    IMPA
Alvar Vinacua,    UPC
Frank Zeilfelder,    Uni Mannheim
Denis Zorin,    NYU

Financial Officer and Local Arrangement Coordinator: Marge Chryssostomidis (MIT).

Submission rules
Original Call for Papers (closed now). Submission site.  Program Co-Chair's Email.
All manuscripts should contain original and unpublished work and should not be under review at another conference or journal.
The submission should be formatted according to the style guidelines for ACM proceedings and must not exceed the quota of 12 pages.
You can download template files for LaTex and MS-Word at http://www.acm.org/sigs/pubs/proceed/template.html

Official URL:  http://www.solidmodeling.org/spm.html